Steph Young | Mysterious Disappearances, Unknown Entities, & Unexplainable Events


Today on everyone's favorite fringe-y podcast, Steph Young joins THC to walk us through some of the strange scenarios and cases she's uncovered in her long history of writing about anomalous, paranormal, and fortean topics and events. We talk about a ton of strangeness including: missing people, areas of increased energy, occult rituals underground entities, ethereal … [Read more...]

Richard Cassaro | The Triptych, Freemasonry, & The Godself Icon

Richard-Cassaro-Triptych Author and researcher Richard Cassaro joins THC to talk about the remnants of ancient wisdom he's uncovered through rigorous investigation. He also breaks down many of the ancient and modern symbols we see used and talks about what they might have meant in the past. Richard's Website:   … [Read more...]

Crrow & James Alfred | Dissecting Hadibov, The Role Of UFOs, & The Full Spectrum Control Grid

Heliocentric Crrow returns yet again, this time joined by blogger and Hadibov analyst, James Alfred. We largely discuss the latest understanding of several major aspects of the Hadibov material. Most of this understanding comes from James' recent work in clarifying many of the murky details and his success in breaking down this dense material. Dig into … [Read more...]

Update & My Astrology Reading


Just a quick note to the non-Plus people that they can get the next two shows right NOW for signing up for plus at  and a recording of my astrological birthchart reading from listener-turned-pro, Joseph Druet. Feel free to follow along with my birthchart print out and think about contacting Joseph for one of your own!     … [Read more...]

Richard Merrick | Interference Theory, Ancient Culture, & The Venus Blueprint

venus-path-earth-venus Fantastic researcher and author, Richard Merrick, joins the podcast this week to talk about his work into the science of musical perception and his resulting "Interference Theory." We talk about many of the avenues of research this opened up for him and the long list of insightful connections he was able to … [Read more...]

Santos Bonacci | Syncretism, Ascension, Atomic Language, & Triple Crown Control

Santos Today on the podcast, the powerful teacher of syncretism, Santos Bonacci, returns to THC to talk about his latest research and provide some useful knowledge on the personal journey of consciousness ascension and sovereignty reclamation. Check out more of Santos work on his website: … [Read more...]