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THC 81: Crop Circles, Portals, & Alien Contact w/ Colin & Synthia Andrews

Dynamic Duo, Colin and Synthia Andrews stop by the talk about the content of their new book, “On The Edge Of Reality” which explores the many ways some multi-demensional non-human intelligence might be trying to guide the human race away from self disctruction. Colin’s Website: Synthia’s Website: Donations & The THC MoneyBomb Game:

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  1. Tyler Gambill Reply

    Hey man really enjoy the show. After hearing your opinion on the idea of a great awakening I would like to propose that you read the book “childhood’s end” by Arthur c Clarke. Keep in mind the content from this podcast and also your recent podcast on indigo children. Draw your own conclusions and maybe respond on air! Im alqays listening! Also consider reading “the perrennial philosophy” by Aldous Huxley. I believe that you will find that book very enlightening.

    2 yearss ago
  2. Thanks! I’m check em out!

    2 yearss ago


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