Comedian, podcaster, and traveler along the windy path of enlightenment, Duncan Trussell,  joins Kyle and I to talk about Buddhism, overcoming fear, and working on the inner-self rather than stressing about the external world. Serenity Now.

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  1. Awesome, awesome episode. I am a huge DT fan and this conversation crystalized everything I love about his ideas into a single talk. So glad you guys had him on.

  2. Marshall

    I like that he mentions he originally got spiritual for the pussy. In fact, a lot of people I’ve met that get behind some kind of all-one harmonious bullshit attitude are self-righteous and pretty douche-y. not to mention the connections we make end up feeling pretty fake or one-sided.

    • Matt

      Man it sucks to hear that. I myself got into for a brighter look at life because I was in a dark spot and needed something to pull me out. It seems you just didn’t meet the right people.

    • Hey Deborah! The show is pre-recorded, so there is no way to listen live. I can tell you that I do one episode a week, usually coming out on Sun-Tues. If you subscribe through iTunes, Stitcher, or YouTube, they’ll always let you know. Thanks for listening!

  3. Stig

    knockout game not happening? I guess my whole upbringing as a swedish haloe pinata wasn´t happening either.

    Love Duncan though…

  4. Chip

    welp, i was randomly punched in the face and had my jaw broken while i was walking down the street with some of my friends one night, soooo, yeah, that kind of shit does happen! i’ve got a metal plate in my face to prove it. i do agree with the point that the media guides you to focus on that pointless crap though.

  5. Legion cult

    Do I know how many times I’ve heard that bullshit asid story? Fkn Jesus. First part was great Ram das is a con

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