Long time alternative researcher in many fields, but most notably 20+ years of research into underground bases and facilities. Richard talks about underground and underwater bases, huge tunnel systems, transportation systems, strange secret experiments, the ET connection, the legend of the Any People, and so much more. Enjoy.

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  1. This is the first THC episode I’ve had to stop listening to. The guest did not present himself well, and his waffling off of pure conjecture and calling it research was baffling and bemusing. Maybe things are backed up a bit more in his book but the “Egyptian Special Forces Agent” teaching him Arabic was too much. Good work on trying to ground Mr. Sauder though Greg.

  2. Kulm

    Interesting factoid:
    Mr. Sauder once protested nuclear weapons proliferation by attempting to climb over the fence at a missile silo/installation in North Dakota.

  3. Lee

    Have to agree,it was largely without any provenance and the bit about the ET disclosure timeline information has no weight whatsoever.

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